The main problem I find with calling out bisexuals as “just experimenting” or “curious” is that you delegitmize experimenting with your sexuality. It’s perfectly healthy and normal to be curious and questioning of your orientation. What’s the big deal if someone thinks they might be bi or pan and then after some time decides, “no, I’m actually straight/gay.”? Like seriously…how does that affect you at all? 


Remember that point in the series when Kiba didn’t know Takumi was Faiz and Takumi didn’t know Kiba was the Horse Orphnoch, and Kiba hated Faiz and Takumi hated the Horse Orphnoch not realizing they were on the same side, and although they kept running into each other they had yet to really meet as Takumi and Kiba, and then they both ended up getting part-time jobs at the same pizza parlour with conflicting schedules so they never met, but then they finally met and introduced themselves to each other when they needed to save each other’s lives?

Actual romantic comedy: Kamen Rider Faiz

And you sit there, typing away at a script, and someone is saying, “But what’s this strange wooden box?”, and the Doctor is busy explaining that his spaceship can cloak itself, but all of your mind is screaming, “It’s the TARDIS, for God’s sake, what are you watching on Saturday night??”

Steven Moffat, foreword to Doctor Who - The Vault

Moffat has trouble putting himself in the mind of someone who’s never watched Doctor Who.

Moffat has trouble putting himself in the mind of someone who’s never watched Doctor Who.

No wonder then that he can’t write women and has to resort to two-dimensional stereotypes! No wonder then that he sees queer people as a punchline! No wonder then that he would forget that PoC exist if he wasn’t reminded! No wonder then that he writes the Doctor as an idealised version of a 52-year-old showrunner from Paisley! He has trouble imagining people who don’t watch Doctor Who!

Why is this man allowed to write speculative fiction?!

Hell, why is he allowed to write at all?! When I was twelve - twelve! - I got an assignment in English class. You could write anything you want, so long as the protagonist was not an upper-class twelve-year-old girl. Writing as someone who is not you is so basic, we were being taught it in second year! But Moffat will never be able to do that, because he has trouble crossing the gap to a Steven Moffat who has never watched Doctor Who!

A man who has trouble imagining someone who has never watched Doctor Who, let alone someone from another class, racial background, culture or planet, is being hailed as one of the great speculative fiction writers as our time. Just - ah - goddammit, I’m done. Mitzi out.

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